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Ashley is a Japanese girl who is an astronaut. She first appeared in Papa's Pizzeria. She is taller than Connor, because she goes into space alot. She is 7ft Tall. She is absent quite a lot, due to her space travelling career. Her favorite holiday is Gondola 500 (Pastaria), and Summer Luau (Cheeseria)

Ashley's New Look in Pastaria

Pizzeria: 13 Peppers, bake for 30 mins cut in 8ths

Burgeria: Bottom Bun, Lettuce, Lettuce, Tomato, Medium Patty, Tomato, Lettuce, Top Bun

Taco Mia!: Absent

Freezeria: Medium Cup Blueberries, Rainbow Sherbert syrup, Chunky, Whipped cream, blueberry Topping, sprinkles, creameo

Pancakeria: 3 Chocolate chip waffles, blueberries, sugar, raspberries, and 4 strawberries

Wingeria: 8 calypso shrimp, 4 fries, 3 Kung Pao Dip

Hot Doggeria: Chicago Bun, Veggie Dog, Pineapple Relish, Hot Sauce, Cheese, Chili, Wild Onion Sauce, Small Root Beer, Large Cheddar Popcorn

Cupcakeria: ABSENT

Pastaria: Macaroni (Mafaldine), Three Cheese Sauce (Hurry Curry), Black Pepper, 3 Tomatoes (Fried Ravioli), 3 Clams

Donuteria: ABSENT

Cheeseria: Rosemary Foccacia (Hawaiian Roll), Swiss Cheese, Bacon (Pineapple), Sliced Turkey, Philly Steak, Awesome Sauce (Calypso Sauce), Waffle Fries with Nacho Cheese and Bacon Bits

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