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Terenzia Ibisco





Terenzia is a florist and gardener from Tacodale. In her hometown where she lives, she owns a store named Sun Blossoms, which there she sells flowers and bouquets. She is good at gardening, and always plants flowers from her yard. She first appeared in Papa's Wingeria; since her orders in the gamerias are often green. Her favorite holiday is St. Paddy's day.


Garderner Outfit: Terenzia wears a navy cap, an olive green shirt, and navy skirt overalls. She wears black gloves, and black shoes with green shoelaces.

At Work Outfit: Terenzia wears navy blue flowers on her hair, an navy with beige stripes shirt, and blue pants. She wears a watch on her left hand and she wears brown shoes.


  • Her surname, Ibisco means Hibiscus in Italian. This why her nationality when she was born was Half-Italian and Half-American. Instead; she was born in Tacodale but not in Tastyville.
  • Terenzia have worked as a gardener for at least 10 years.